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CSA is:

Rick Scolari - Vocals/Keys/Synth
Diego Ramirez - Guitars/Keys/Synth
Chriz Alcaraz - Bass/Vocals/Keys/Synth
Michael Carrillo - Drums

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Citysin Angels Live at the Whiskey a GoGo

Whiskey a GoGo, 8901 West Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood

This time around City Sin Angels will unleash a brutal assault of new music and Metal, so get your baby sitters ready and pack your whiskey cuz you're gonna be in for one hell of a night!

Citysin Angels

The Blue Lagoon, 923 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz

An Epic night with Citysin Angels, WarCorpse, and Eye of Providence.

Show starts at 9pm, and be ready for a night of heavy Drinking and Rock n Roll !!

Citysin Angels

Rockbar Theater, 360 Saratoga Ave, San Jose

CitySinAngels and more bands TBA

Come on out and show your support, drink with us and make some mistakes. It's a sure good time!

8PM Sharp! 21+ $5


Citysin Angels' 'Poetry for the Damned' available at all your online music stores.


Citysin Angels' first album released in 2007 as Indout. 'Secrets and Lies' is available on all of your online music stores